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  1. “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today” (Mark Twain 1870 but some will argue it was Ben Franklin) Or “Carpe Diem” =”Seize the day” (Horace in 23 BC) Whether it was 150 or 2000 years ago, people were aware of the value of getting an early jump on something. I myself do not like to procrastinate on anything. For work or home, taking care of stuff ASAP does set a positive example to others for getting things done. It should be noted this is also an opportunity for a busy leader to delegate many of these 5 minuets task. This can be a great tool to test out that unknown or up and coming leader that wants to show you and your team what they can do. I will say as a person who does not like to put anything off and at the same time needs to feel like things were accomplished today having that “things to do list” and to be able to draw a line/ check box/ write “done” next to it is great mental medicine also. Bear in mind 🙂 that just making a list or writing down that next great idea from you or your team is in its self completing a task. So be that early bird and get some!

  2. I think ultimately, “it depends” We are all very busy, and all of our tasks need to be prioritized. With this being said, our priorities may differ from someone else’s asking you to do something. When tasks are being completed and you are interrupted with other tasks or issues you can use many different means and time frames to complete those tasks, but, all of those means are not good unless there is clear and concise communications with the other parties involved. Clear communications will hopefully alleviate any misunderstandings and/or missed deadlines or promises.

  3. It MUST go on my task list – as I lead three companies I must remain focused on the task at hand – If someone or something tries to interrupt me I am forced not to do something else. I’ll delegate it if something must be done now (not planned for). My team also knows they are responsible for preventing “must be done now” from getting to me.