​#228 When Should You Add a Parts Person? (The answer might surprise you)

In many shops advisors spend much of their time dealing with parts. It has been established that parts acquisition has a very large effect on technician production. See survey on the topic: https://www.automotivemanagementnetwork.com/surveys/slows-production-shop/

​But small shops can’t afford a parts person, right?

If your shop is big enough to have two or more advisors you might consider having one advisor deal primarily with sales and have the other split their time between estimating, parts acquisition and assisting the other advisor. As the need grows for more people up front expand the parts role accordingly. If you have three people up front it might be best to make one full time parts. At four people it’s no longer a question.

Having all advisors be partial sales, partial estimating and partial parts person is generally very inefficient. Also, the cost of a great parts person is typically less than a great advisor.

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