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safety manual

Does Your Auto Repair Shop Have a Safety Manual?

April 17, 2019

Auto repair shops must take safety seriously in order to stay in business. If they do not follow safety precautions when it comes to operating machinery or handling chemicals, it can lead to injuries, lost work time, and staff loss, as w...

first day

What Is Your Employees’ First Day Like?

March 31, 2019

“Begin as you mean to go on.” That’s an old saying but a true one, especially as it concerns leadership roles at work. If you have new people coming to work for you, how you interact with them on your employees’ first day of work...

Millennial debt

Millennial Debt Affects the Auto Repair Industry

March 16, 2019

Previously we’ve talked about the Millennial generation as workers and how that affects auto repair. They will also have an impact on the auto industry as consumers. This week The Truth about Cars website posted an article about Baby B...

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