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Millennial debt

Millennial Debt Affects the Auto Repair Industry

March 16, 2019

Previously we’ve talked about the Millennial generation as workers and how that affects auto repair. They will also have an impact on the auto industry as consumers. This week The Truth about Cars website posted an article about Baby B...

customer mood

5 Ways to Improve Customer Mood in Your Waiting Area

February 28, 2019

In an earlier blog we discussed ways to make your auto repair shop waiting room more comfortable. Many of our readers have submitted pictures of their waiting rooms to show other members of the Automotive Management Network the improveme...


Does Your Auto Shop Have a No Smoking Policy?

February 15, 2019

Ideas about smoking have changed dramatically in the past decades, so the feedback AMN has received may also help other owners and managers to deal with issues related to smoking, vaping, and marijuana use at work....

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