• June 29, 2019 at 10:12 am#91047
    Tom Ham

    One star bad review and a “horror” story. We immediately contact the customer and ask him to come in so we can check the issue. We fix it promptly. He asks how much and we said no charge, but we’d appreciate it if you could update the review. He said that works for him. Weeks go by. No update. We contact him and ask if the problem is still OK. He said yes it is. We asked if he could update the review. He said he thought it should stay up unedited because the event did happen.

    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

    July 11, 2019 at 8:09 am#91251
    Matthew Brade

    I hate it when this happens.  I can understand this customer saying “well it did happen”, but a least have the respect/decency to edit the review with the fact that your shop did indeed stand behind the repair and fix whatever problem occurred at no charge.  This is typically what we ask for in a situation like this (I ALSO ask, and don’t think it is unreasonable, for a upgrade from a 1 star to at least a 2 or 3 star).  The owners of my shop have also “claimed the business” on Google, Yelp, etc.. so that they are able to directly respond to these reviews on social media so that in a situation like you’re experiencing, we get to at least tell our side of the story.  You think these reviews are bad, wait till you get a bad review from a “customer” you can’t find in your database or even better a bad review that come from a competitor (we have had both).  Claim your business when you can and set it up so that you can reply to these reviews.  Also remember to post a thank you to those clients that leave you a stellar review.

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