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2 responses

  1. Victor LaVarnway Avatar

    Depends on the vehicle and customer story. We have 2. An Initial Test and Inspection is 1hr. Retrieve codes, check TSBs, safety check and guidance on next direction. Dynamic T&I is 2 hrs, includes above as well as checking fuses long test drive if needed and addressing major concerns. Some people just ask “Is it Safe to drive”, so we use the Initial T&I to address that concern and advise on course of action. If it has legit drivability issues we automatically go to the Dynamic.

  2. Omar Martin Avatar

    The initial Test Plan includes the Pulling of the DTCs performing some research for TSBs, IDENTIFIX, and IATN, THEN we can call with a firmer quote for the ACTUAL Testing that we are going to have to perform. Too many people thonk that the Engine MIL being on is only going to be one problem, sometimes we find that it is multiple issues!

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