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    We have just moved into our new building and did not move our outdated security camera system. Much has changed in that industry in the past 15 years and finding many options at more affordable costs. I have been researching all that are available now. About the only thing I do know that I want is to be a Cat wired system, net remote viewing, 8 to 16 channel, 3 to 8 TB DVR, clear night vision, able to zoom on replay (read plate #’s, view body damage), 5 outdoor cams, 3 indoor remote indoor cams. Wanted to ask the forum, who is using cams and what they feel is a good system at a fair value. Or just as important, those systems to stay away from.

    I have found thru our security alarm company, and other alarm companies, much less bang for the buck than I can purchase.

    Thanks for any suggestions you have to offer, Dan

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    Tom Ham

    Dan, my wife heavily researched this, and a local shop owner bought something similar and loves it. We are planning to order it soon. Here is the link:


    Please let us know what you come up with!



    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

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    Richard Zaagman

    Hello Dan,

    No idea you moved to another shop.  I don’t see you much.  You’re still in Elite, right?

    As far as camera systems, we just installed a new one with our new addition on our building.  We have 21 cameras and could probably use more.  I purchase my system from  Security Camera Warehouse.  I’m the “local” shop Tom Ham was referring to.

    I don’t think they are the cheapest, but you know the saying, “You get what you pay for”.  I think I paid around $5000.00 for mine and then another $3000.00 for a local company to install the system.  I’m very pleased with the system.  Good resolution and good night vision.   I don’t have zoom cameras.  Those are available but at a higher cost.

    Security Camera Warehouse knows their stuff and are very helpful with support.  I’d suggest you call them and explain to then exactly what you’re looking for.  I’m sure they will do a great job for you.

    Call me if you have more questions.  I’d love to hear how you and your shop are doing as well.



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    Jim Masella

    Hi Dan,   for a less expensive route, I installed a system myself for about $700- Defender-usa.com.  I bought a 2T hard drive system w/ 8 cameras expandable to 16.  I installed a total of 10 cameras so far.  Reviews were great.  Purchased from walmart.com w/3 or 4 yr extra warranty.  Hard wired, each camera came with 60′ cables and I purchased some longer cables on the internet cheap for the longer runs.  hardest part was running the cables.  Has good night vision.  Can pull up on my ipad at home 24/7 with app that is no charge.  I ran cables from the DVR unit in my comun. room to my desk and have a 24″ monitor w/mouse to operate.  Very happy with it so far, but it is the only system I have ever had.  (nothing to compare it to).  Can zoom in on monitor but that is not done with the cameras.  Very clear picture on monitor but not so clear w/ipad/ remote view.  I also put in on my front counter monitor thru internet so I can see if a bay is open.  Any questions feel free to call me at Masella’s Auto Repair in Venice, FL  941-488-1122

    Hope this helps,

    Jim M.

    P.S. I got an estimate of $99 mo. for 5 yr lease then own it-  ($6,000)

    Defender HD 1080P 16CH with 16 Bullet Cameras
    $699.99 USD
    HD 1080p Live View & Recording
    Up to 130ft Night Vision
    IP66 – True Weather Resistance

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    Beetle Slayman

    @Tom Han, Just order it right away, that’s a good security camera

    June 27, 2018 at 6:55 pm #75150

    Thanks for all the replies. I didn’t get the cameras when I was in Phoenix (busy trip). Just got back home and will make a decision soon. Now that I have all your input, have a good idea what to get & where. Let you know what I got & make you aware of any updated features.

    I’ll call you Dick, to catch up.

    Thanks again for all your help, Dan


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    Randy Lucyk

    We installed a system ourselves 3 years ago. Used this dvr

    https://www.2mcctv.com/16-channel-dvrs?p=2    (Veilux VR-5B-16H 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder)

    and the same brand cameras. It has been flawless. We have 16 cameras

    I just recently maxed out the hard drive storage to 24tb.

    Although we may call these security systems, we find them effective to prove we did what we said we do(torque wheels, drain plugs, replace what we said we did, ect). We also use them to prove we did not do something.

    We were blamed recently for leaving a small ball cap bill style flashlight on top of the air filter of a 2012 ford turbo diesel, three oil changes ago. The flashlight got sucked into the turbo and the customer wanted us to buy him a new turbo(5K). when we checked our footage, we realized that we only had 2 months of storage with the 16 cameras and 8tb of storage we had installed. We added 16tb of additional storage as a result of that incident, which would have gotten us back to when we did that oil change and provided proof that it was not our flashlight(since we don’t use that style of light anywhere in the shop).

    More is better when it comes to storage.

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