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    Hi All,

    We are a road maintenance company and have different types of equipment, sweepers. water trucks, dump truck, live bottoms and snow plows. This year it seems as if our on site breakdowns have gotten worse than the previous years. Most of these trucks work 6 days a week, I’m looking for any suggestions/procedures/tips on getting a handle on this. We have 10 mechanics and approx 110 pieces of equipment working throughout the week. All trucks go through an inspection daily but it doesn’t seem to be enough. 

    Open to learn what other companies are doing, we are using a process that has been here since i started and think that maybe a revamp is in order and overdue


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    Tom Ham

    First, my experience is with cars and light trucks however there’s far more similarity than differences. We are servicing vehicles. Yours are just bigger. Today any system that has been in place for a few years is almost guaranteed to be out of date as the technology, the industry, and the people change rapidly. We add something to our policies and procedures manual weekly. Specific things to address issues that come up.

    The first idea that comes to mind is getting everyone involved together, present the details of what you mentioned here and ask for any ideas, comments, questions, suggestions – feedback of any kind. How do we improve this? Next, have one on one meetings with each staff member and ask the same question. If you listen carefully odds are you can improve greatly on your situation by doing this and then acting on the feedback. Usually, the staff knows the various flawed pieces of the puzzle but they don’t respond without being convinced that you really, really do want to know. Then you have to keep asking and keep asking and keep asking until it becomes part of the normal operation of the shop

    I would bet that this process could get you more than halfway to your goal; maybe much more than halfway. 

    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

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