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    A few years ago, marketing budgets were relatively small. A few years before that they didn’t even exist! Today they are often a huge part of the expense statement (you do have this area broken done to a dozen or more lines, right?). Here are a few marketing costs to look at for some savings. Discounts: Use them when you have to instead of just giving them away when they may not be required to make the sale. Switch to more email: It’s a lot cheaper than snail mail. And, speaking of snail mail: Send it only to people who are reasonably likely to respond. Postage: Check into permits which can reduce costs significantly. Vendor programs: Make sure to audit the cost vs. benefits each year before you renew. Printing: Online printers are often far less costly than local stores. Radio: Consider Google or similar types of radio ad purchases. Yellow Pages: A recent news article stated that this method is dropping fast, including internet versions. The bottom line is that you need to thoroughly review all marketing costs at least once a year and keep this area of your budget under control.

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