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    The Epidemic of Fatherless Employees in Your Shop

    One more in a growing list of big issues that we just don’t talk about. Not PC, you know. However, the collapse of the traditional family has been devastating to businesses of all kinds – some more than others due to the typical make up of staff.

    How many of your employees grew up in a home without a dad for part or all their childhood? Everyone needs a father. For the person who never had one or had one who was severely lacking in some way – especially males – the male business owner or manager often becomes that person. The long list of things that a boy learns from his father are frequently missing in the fatherless adult male and he will frequently look to his boss to teach him the things he never learned – whether he realizes it or not.

    When we hire today it is often a father son adoption as well as employer employee deal.

    How much has this been an issue in your shop? How have you handled it? Got a story you can share? Either good or bad. Your experience may help another shop owner struggling with this today.


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    May 15, 2018 at 12:56 pm #75092
    Richard Zaagman

    I can imagine that this could be a problem.  Currently I’m happy to say my employees all have, or have had fathers, most of them good ones.   Some of the employees, ones that are no longer here for one reason or another may have had father issues or lack of father issues but I can’t say that I got that deep into their past to know whether or not that was the case.

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