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    Posted by Tom on April 25, 2018 at 7:06 am

    Technician Motivation?

    Well, not just technicians – this can apply to owners and advisors as well.

    When it comes to car repair there has always been the individual whose goal in life is something like this: Owning a 25-year-old beat up F150 parked alongside a borderline condemned mobile home where he (or she) can pop open a 6 pack and watch “Wheel” reruns all evening. Income demand is low so improving one’s self generates the question: “Why bother?”. Good for him! In America we have the freedom to choose our goals.

    This person may be the perfect fit for some shops, but many shops would like someone with a bit higher goals and the motivation to go with them?

    First question: Has this changed over the years since you entered the business. Are there more employees (or applicants) like this today? Less? About the same?

    Second question – the million dollar question: Have you found ways to motivate this individual? If so, how?

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