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    AMN Admin
    • Various notes are extremely helpful and important to communicate and document certain information for the customer.
    • Our management system contains many prewritten notes which can be found by clicking on the NOTES box near the top of the RO.
    • Use the drop down menu to read each note, and become familiar with them.
    • When completing an RO, review it to see if any notes should be added.
    • Make sure that you place the note at the appropriate place on the RO that is related to the information in that note.
    • When you find yourself typing in the same text on different RO’s, write a thorough and professional version of the note, assign to it an appropriate title, and save it in the NOTES section for future use. This is especially useful for common
    • When you find notes that you believe could be written better, please edit them accordingly.
    • Enter a note at the bottom of each RO which you have in process to help you to remember any details that you need to handle in some way to complete the job.
    • Use a note for any misc information that the tech has noted that does not relate to any of the other lines entered on the RO.
    • Add the appropriate notes to canned jobs when creating them.
    • For notes that you want to be able to see when working in the RO, but you do NOT want them to print on the RO, uncheck the PRINT ON ORDER box at the top of the notes box.
    • Use the spell check function whenever writing notes.


    June 27, 2018 at 6:45 pm#75149

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