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    The purpose of the quick service cart is to increase the efficiency of the technician when performing common services, especially services where the customer is waiting. Once in place, the technician should be able to complete the service in most cases without returning to his toolbox and without going elsewhere in the shop for some type of tool or supply. The parts person or advisor places all needed parts on the cart before or early in the service process. Note that the list of tools and supplies includes items the tech will likely need at some point – but also eliminates extra items that are typically included in sets and assortments, reducing tech time locating what he needs quickly. Detailed labeling of where each item goes is highly recommended.

    Oil change
    Basic drain and fill of transmission, transfer case, or differential
    Tire services
    Air filters
    Light bulbs
    Wiper blades

    The Cart
    There are many options for carts. In this case, we used one available from Rotunda. It includes:
    Worksurface on top
    Two retractable air hose reels and one fixed air port
    110-volt power strip
    Rack to hold one wheel/tire
    Racks for a variety of drivers
    Racks for impact guns
    Magnetic strip for large and frequently used sockets
    Three drawers

    The shelf at the bottom
    Cart Contents – Adjust According to Vehicle Service Mix

    Worksurface on top
    Torque wrench ½” drive
    Ratchet ½” drive long flex
    Extension ½” drive 12” long
    Work light – magnetic rechargeable
    Battery tester
    Brake fluid tester
    Coolant tester

    Left side rack
    Nut driver 7 mm
    Nut driver 8 mm
    Nut driver 10 mm
    Star driver 10
    Star driver 15
    Star driver 25
    Oil filter socket Toyota

    Right side rack
    Phillips screwdriver standard
    Slotted screwdriver standard
    Slotted screwdriver large
    Impact gun ½” drive
    Tire inflator/gauge

    Magnetic strip
    Socket ½” drive deep impact 19 mm
    Socket ½” drive deep impact 21 mm
    Socket ½” drive deep impact 22 mm
    Socket ½” drive deep impact ¾”
    Socket ½” drive deep impact 13/16”
    Socket ½” drive deep 15/16”
    Socket 3/8” drive 10 mm hex
    Socket 3/8” drive 14 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive 17 mm deep
    Socket 3/8” drive 19 mm deep

    Top drawer
    Ratchet 3/8” drive
    Extension 3/8” drive 6” long
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 24 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 27 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 29 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 32 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 35 mm
    Socket 3/8” drive oil filter 38 mm
    Ratchet ¼” drive
    Extension ¼” drive 4” long
    Socket ¼” drive 7 mm
    Socket ¼” drive 8 mm
    Socket ¼” drive 10 mm
    Socket ¼” drive 12 mm
    Socket ¼” drive 13 mm
    Socket ¼” drive 14 mm

    Center drawer
    Combination wrench 13 mm
    Combination wrench 14 mm
    Combination wrench 15 mm
    Combination wrench 17 mm
    Combination wrench 19 mm
    Combination wrench ½”
    Combination wrench 9/16”
    Combination wrench 15/16”
    Pliers – standard
    Pliers – needle nose
    Side cutters

    Bottom drawer
    Drill – rechargeable
    Bit set star
    Bit set hex
    Bit set Phillips
    Bit set slotted
    Bit set small sockets
    Bottom shelf
    Windshield washer solvent
    Brake cleaner
    Multi-surface cleaner
    Shop rags

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