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    Whenever you advertise, any kind of advertising, always use a tracking phone number unique to the medium you’re using.  Be it PPC, print, specialty advertising items, whatever… each should have it’s own unique phone number so you can calculate your own ROI.

    With the advent of VoIP and UCaaS phone systems, phone lines are cheaper than ever.  Here’s where you can get 10 phone numbers, all recorded lines, for only $29/mo.  That’s less than $3/mo. per line!


    Here’s a true story that will surprise you.  I put a tracking number on my business cards.  We received ONE PHONE CALL for an entire year on that unique number. -and- That one call was from a fellow shop owner with whom I had visited trying to solicit his transmission business.

    Am I saying you should quit using business cards?  No.  What I did was start using the cheapest supplier I could find instead of wasting money on fancy-schmancy business cards.  Try it on pens, calendars, print ads, direct mail, everything!

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    Josh Davis

    I couldn’t agree more. Call tracking is a very minimal expense that provides transparency into who is reacting to your advertisements. I adamantly suggest it on all direct mail campaigns unless you are a quick lube shop, etc. where customers just show up for service without calling.

    The other great thing about the call tracking is that you are able to go back and listen to the calls on demand. This is great for shop owners to be able to use as a training tool, but it will also keep your staff on their toes when they know they are being monitored.

    It’s certainly not an end all be all as customers can still just show up without calling but it is one of the strongest tools you can use to track your marketing efforts.

    One last recommendation is to make sure that you have your call tracking provider use a local number that matches up your area code so that prospects don’t feel that they are calling some far away land.

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