• April 5, 2018 at 7:38 am#65489
    Tom Ham

    Some advisors / owners are far better at explaining intermittent issues to customers so that the customer better grasps how difficult diagnosis can be and how diagnosis can be impossible when the symptom is not occurring.

    What is your best explanation to your customers – or your advisor’s best explanation?

    How does it go?


    April 7, 2018 at 11:08 am#75054

    When necessary I like to reference diagnosis and testing of our automotive world to the medical world. Automotive service and repairs are like “medical procedures / operations”, Diagnosis and testing is like having Blood work done, Cat Scan, MRI, X-Rays.

    You would not want to have surgery without knowing what it is that you are going to be “operating” on and going to do right? Leg not functioning properly you wouldn’t want to go to the operating room and just have them cut you open and start to replacing things… Same thing with your car, we need to know what is the Concern, the Cause of the concern as well as the Correction needed. After “surgery”/repairs are complete we can now verify that the Concern is gone as well.

    When it comes to Intermittent Conditions it again can be related to the consumer in medical comparisons. Like if you had a tooth ache and by the time you get to the dentist it has dissipated, you can point the dentist in the general direction of your mouth that the ache was occurring, they will inspect visually, perform X-Rays (Diagnostics) and they may find the area of concern and recommend a “Repair”. Just as if we (Auto Professionals) were to not able to find the “Correction” needed the Dentist as well would not just perform a surgery, as we may not perform the repair.

    Sometimes we are faced with reality and the consumer has the option to return for further testing and diagnosis if the “Condition” becomes more consistent we can re look at and likely find the “Correction” needed.

    One thing is for certain, If we do Nothing it is certain that the Condition is not going to get any better. Sometimes it makes more sense to make a recommendation in attempt to remedy the “Concern” by doing something we have a chance of making the “Correction”. After all the most finite resource we all have is time.

    Communication and Understanding is key. Hope that helps.


    April 7, 2018 at 6:09 pm#75055
    Tom Ham

    Thanks, Andy. Not sure I’ve ever heard it explained so nicely.

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