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    Posted by J. Larry Bloodworth on April 20, 2022 at 8:25 am

    Get A Life

    We sometimes get so buried in our day-to-day stuff, we often forget about promoting our business to keep us busy. Let’s not confuse busyness with profitability. We juggle things at home and in our businesses.

    In the early days, I would commit to a full-page Yellow Page ad. However, I would put an unlisted number in the ad to that if the full-page ad didn’t work out, I could simply cancel the number and not have to be responsible for the ad. The full-page ad was $1,000/mo. OUCH!

    I never found it to not be profitable until YP was replaced by the internet. I moved from Yellow Page thinking to internet thinking and it was quite the transition. I learned the internet was so much more powerful. With a few mouse clicks, I could turn off or turn on my paId ad. Wow!

    I hired internet ad agencies but wasn’t happy with the results. I eventually decided to do all my internet advertising myself via a crash course in learning by trial and error. I not only watched a lot of YouTube videos on the subject, but I also read. A lot. More than a lot because I love to read. That’s how I learned transmissions and now, it’s how I would learn paid advertising online. It was an awesome change for me.

    My mouse and keyboard suddenly gave me an infinite amount of power. I became my own internet promoting service. I felt better about every dollar I was spending because I was in control. It cost me nothing except for the ads themselves. There was no need to pay someone else $$$$ to do for me what I learned to do for myself. It was great.

    I slowly learned the MORE I paid for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, the more business I would get. I eventually learned the ratio was 12-to-1. For every dollar I spend on PPC ads, I would get $12 worth of new business. Annual sales went from $700K to $1,2M seemingly overnight. And I was only spending about $50K/yr. for my advertising, all in. Spend $50K to get half a million more in business? I’m in.
    I suddenly (2 years) went from a builder to a PPC expert. Anything to get me off the bench. 🙂 lol! I was simply getting older and was happy about the change. My advice is for you to do the change. I simply learned that rebuilding didn’t pay near as well as running my internet PPC ads. It was simple 2nd-grade math.

    My best advice is to follow what I did. It will pay you ENORMOUSLY.

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