• December 19, 2018 at 2:38 pm#65765
    AMN Admin

    All vehicles are to be assigned in the following order. If you believe order should be changed for some reason, please review with the manager / owner.

    1: Waiting – Comeback or Warranty.
    2: Waiting – Appointment or Drop-in.
    3: Comeback or Warranty (not waiting).
    4: Need to perform initial testing – goal is to at least perform initial “triage” within
    twenty-four (24) hours of drop-off on all vehicles to help with planning.
    5: Customer requested complete as soon as possible today.
    6: Need completed by end of day.
    7: Need completed by end of day tomorrow.
    8: Need completed by end of week.
    9: No hard deadline, use as filler work.

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