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    I just got back from a Bosch Conference and have talked to 30 or 40 shop owners.

    I can see where I am having the most problems in my shop.

    I am looking to hire a coach that will be on-site for five to seven days and help me implement things I need to do to make myself more profitable.

    And of course with ongoing training.

    My team has been in place for way too many years over 20 and I can see that our processes are broken.

    I think we have a problem with our front desk charging the right price for diagnostics and a few other things.

    If anybody would recommend a few people.  I’d appreciate it or you can private message me thank you Ollie G




    February 27, 2020 at 7:22 pm #96532
    Frank Scandura III

    I was also at the conference, I am coaching with Transformers institute. please check out the site and let me know if you have any questions:


    Frank M Scandura III

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    February 27, 2020 at 8:39 pm #96536
    Maylan Newton

    Olie this is something that we do at educational seminars Institute. Send me an email and we’ll schedule time to talk [email protected] or if you going to be at vision in Overland Park. We can talk face-to-face. I will also be at the automotive training Expo in Seattle, Washington.
    I look forward to speaking with you.
    Our website is http://www.esiseminars.com.
    Please let me know if you have any questions

    Maylan Newton
    Educational Seminars Institute
    ASCCA member for 35 years
    2017 ASCCA Member of the year
    35 years of service to the automotive industry
    If it’s to be… It’s up to ME

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    February 27, 2020 at 10:01 pm #96538
    Craig O’Neill


    Good for you on reaching out for a coach!

    Start by checking out Remarkable Results Radio!  You’ll be hooked and you’ll get to hear some thought philosophies and personalities that will connect with you.

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    March 2, 2020 at 7:12 pm #96612
    steve steeb

    THIS!  ^^^  EXACTLY.  Pick 5 or 6 to listen to (there is one with Tom Ham and one with MY 3 favorite coaches – Bob Greenwood,  Cecil Bullard and Rick White) and you will have a much better idea of what you are looking for and who might best fill that need for YOU!  Everyone is different and what (who) works for me might not be best for you!

    Actually THIS ^^^ is probably GOOD ADVICE for all of us…

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    March 3, 2020 at 6:41 am #96616

    Thank you to everyone who has sent private messages. I have been speaking with a few. Ollie

    March 3, 2020 at 8:51 am #96620
    david Graber

    I have taken classes over the years both on line and class room. I have gone to a couple of Tom Hams classes when he was in my area. I still have his material today in my office. I have been with several coaching groups over the years. The important thing is to find one that you are comfortable with. I am currently with Aaron Stokes /  Shop Fix Academy. I am really please with that group. I knew Aaron was very knowability. I had first meet him in a coaching group years ago called Turn Around Tours with Gary Gunn.  But the important thing is, if you don’t make any changes, then your wasting your time and money no matter what coaching group you go with.


    March 3, 2020 at 10:41 am #96623

    Reminder, our directory lists more than 25 trainers and coaches at this link:

    Management Trainers and Coaches

    If you know of someone who should be added to the list, please send us their information.

    (Note: Tom Ham no longer does classes, training, coaching, etc.)

    [email protected]

    March 9, 2020 at 5:20 pm #96753
    Bob Waeiss

    I recommend Elite Worldwide.  I have been at this for my whole life. Shop owner for the past 25 years. Joe Marconi was my coach and provided a wealth of information. Well worth the investment if you follow their advice.

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