• November 11, 2020 at 8:48 pm #112033
    linda baker

    Does anyone have samples of checklists for work done say by a apprentice or other tradesman that a foreman can use to double check on work done on the vehicle before it goes out to the customer.

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    November 12, 2020 at 8:30 am #112042
    Tom Ham


    Symptoms serviced corrected

    Warning lights on after service

    New information after service

    Wheel mounting surface corrosion cleaned or OK if wheels were removed

    Lug nuts hand torqued to specification if they were removed

    Clock reset as needed

    Radio reset as needed

    Parts quantity changes

    Parts not used noted

    Parts additional noted

    Parts replaced in bin

    Door sill plate clean

    Spills and debris cleaned

    Under hood label installed

    Lug nuts hand torqued again after test drive

    O/H door remote removed


    Inside vehicle clean where work performed

    Outside vehicle clean where work performed

    Floor mat removed

    Add any new information

    Warning lights

    Photo of dash

    Seat position return

    Out miles

    Assigned techs correct

    Keys in front lock box

    O/H door remote removed

    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

    November 26, 2020 at 12:51 pm #112510
    Randy Lucyk

    Our “final checks” are embebed in a quicklube module that ROWriter developed back in the day. It was ahead of its time for primarily one reason,

    “You cannot close out an invoice unless your “final Checks”  checklist is completed”.

    This single feature makes it a breeze to get compliance in filling out the inspections and final checks. There is no real learning curve or “remembering” to complete the checklist.

    I continue to be highly disappointed in every other digital inspection platform out there(including Rotouch), for not having this feature embebed in their platform.

    Unfortunately, Rowriter did not provide a easy way for me to share my inspections. In the past I did extract the data from the tables in the database for sharing elsewhere, and I have that attached.

    I believe what you are asking for is a key to providing profitable quality service by minimizing comebacks.  We will continue to enhance our “final checks” and continue to badger inspection platform developers to include the feature described.

    1. final-checks.xlsx
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    November 29, 2020 at 2:31 pm #112952
    John Shanderuk

    I have a canned job that I add to every RO.
    Can modify the N/A (Not Applicable) lines to remove the N/A if it is needed for the job. Enter techs initials or number for the “Performed By:” line. ie Performed by :  JS


    Uptown Imports – Pre Delivery Inspection   

    Test driven to verify repairs completed properly
    Any other issues noted / brought to attention of advisor
    Interior / Exterior of vehicle clean of dirt and smudges
    Remove all tools from vehicle
    N/A Top up fluids / check tire pressures
    N/A Service indicator lights and or service data reset
    N/A Wheels torqued to specification
    N/A All fasteners torqued to specification
    N/A Engine covers / under panels reattached
    N/A All residual fluids cleaned
    N/A Dye added for oil leak reinspection
    N/A Dye added for coolant leak reinspection
    N/A Coolant leak repairs tested by pressurization
    N/A Intake, vacuum, breather, evap leaks re tested
    N/A Check function of all electrical items
    N/A Initialize windows and sunroof
    N/A Set clock
    N/A Input radio code
    Performed by:

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