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    Posted by AMN Admin on April 4, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Cell Phone Policy – Including all other communication devices that are used for calling, texting, messaging, email or any other similar type of personal communication.

    1: Repairing and servicing vehicles requires your complete focus and attention. Technician use of a personal cell phone or similar device for personal communication while repairing and servicing vehicles is not unlike texting and driving – it is a very bad idea with potential for serious and dangerous consequences.
    2: When a technician stops working for personal cell phone use it impacts the income of the employee, the shop owner, the service advisor and the manager / shop foreman, and anyone else when their pay is tied to the amount of work produced.
    3: It is not unreasonable to expect that a professional technician can work for several hours without the use of a personal cell phone.
    4: Technician personal cell phones are not permitted anywhere in the building during work hours.
    5: Technician use of personal cell phones is not permitted at any time during work hours, including but not limited to: Shop area, parts area, office area, parking lot, customer vehicles, test drives, tool vendor trucks, or any other location on or off the premises during work hours.
    6: Technician personal cell phones are not permitted to be retrieved from your vehicle or used inside your vehicle during work hours.
    7: For work related test driving and other work related tasks performed away from the shop where there is a concern that a cell phone may be needed, technicians may use a company provided cell phone. See your service advisor for use of this phone.
    8: The same rules that apply to technicians also apply to maintenance employees.
    9: Use of a cell phone for personal purposes during work hours is not permitted for any employee.
    10: If there is some type of communication that you believe cannot be done at any other time and can only be done during work hours, then request a work break where you clock out of work, take care of the communication, then clock back in to work.
    11: This policy will be far easier to follow if you make the policy completely clear to your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else who might try to contact you through your cell phone during work hours.
    12: For emergencies instruct others to call the shop phone.

    I understand this policy completely.

    ____ I am sure that I can follow it.
    ____ I am not sure that I can follow it.
    ____ I am sure that I cannot follow it.

    Name (print): _____________________________________________

    Sign: _____________________________ Date: _________________

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