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    During an episode of a show that saves restaurants the show host and the employees were viewing a video of the staff at work. A customer made a request and was ignored by a waitress who commented that it was not her table. The show host got in her face with a raised voice and said: “If you are going to work here, there is no such thing as “not my table”!

    Does anyone on your staff have an attitude of “not my table”?

    “Well – yes, but they are flat rate or commission (or whatever).” So was that waitress who works mainly for tips. Tell your staff: “They are all your tables – they are all your customers. The request for help from the customer being handled by another advisor – even the comeback from another tech!” That’s looking beyond today and into your future. Some people “don’t get that”. They either need to “get that” or go damage some other business.

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