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    Maylan Newton

    Hello everyone! Not sure if this is common knowledge, I just learned of it this morning but on yelp when a customer reviews your shop they are asking them about your COVID 19 precautions. Below is a listing I took off of a review of an automotive repair shop near me. Just wanted to make you aware that yelp is broadcasting your COVID 19 precautions. Make sure you are doing everything possible to keep your customers safe and your employees safe.

    From the yelp review page

    COVID-19 Updates

    Updated Services

    In-person visits Virtual consultations

    Health & Safety Measures

    Based on info from the business or our users

    Social distancing enforced

    According to most users

    Staff wears masks

    According to most users

    Contactless payments Masks required Staff wears gloves Hand sanitizer provided Sanitizing between customers Temperature checks


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    If it’s to be… It’s up to ME

    January 20, 2021 at 10:36 am #115055

    Ours is only what we’ve edited. They did reach out and recommend we add this to our Yelp page:

    COVID-19 Updates
    “100% contactless service is available from drop off, to pickup and payment for your piece of mind. Just ask for “Contactless Service” when you schedule or call when you park. ”
    Posted on November 24, 2020
    Otherwise, I don’t see anything additional. Wouldn’t surprise me if they started something like this though. Yelp is a blessing and a curse. People are brutal when they want to be and I believe it’s because Yelp is nothing but an advertising front. They specify which reviews are legitimate by calling them “Recommended Reviews” and relegate most of our reviews to the “Other, not recommended reviews” category. There is no reason to list 24 reviews as legit and 34 as not when I can ID 30 of the 34 reviews in this category as actual customers/visits. What’s interesting is I had signed with them for a stint to run special ads and during that time, most of our reviews were listed as Recommended. After I cancelled we see 60% of our reviews are not recommended.

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