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    My shop is just starting out so we have looked into multiple advertising avenues and now look to possibly a TV commercial. We have a 6 bay shop with two ASE certified mechanics and two service writers. You can check out our website grandblancautomotive.com.

    Looking to see if anyone else has run a tv commercial with details like how much it cost and return on investment. 
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    Jon Bockman

    I’m exploring the TV ad option now.  I’ve talked to a local cable rep and it’s surprising how many ads you can get for around $1000 a month.  My biggest concern is how may eyes are you really going to get in the VERY busy area of television, especially with so many specialized cable channels.  But that could help you also niche your ads to a certain segmentation you maybe looking for, ie. Oprah Channel for college educated women 35 yrs old+ who own their home and has an income of 75K or more. 

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    I wouldn’t recommend doing mass media advertising until you have a large budget.

    I managed large marketing budgets of home service companies ($8mm+ budget) and unless you have big budgets, the spend won’t go very far. As example, our TEST budget for radio in Phoenix was $225k. And mass media is the type of thing that needs to be executed right and run continuously, or you won’t see the benefit.
    You’re best off allocating resources to other efforts, like customer satisfaction tools + direct response (PPC, direct mail, email marketing), and SEO. I’d envision a shop that has probably 10+ locations in a geographic area as one that might start experimenting with TV, radio, etc. 
    Nice website!
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    Thanks for the advise Patrick! That puts things in perspective, I wasn’t sure how well it would do with our smaller budget. We do PPC right now quite a bit and have seen pretty good results. Thinking about testing some different direct mail campaigns but want to find a way to target the right people. Any advise on direct mail? 

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    Sure – 

    There are some good articles & resources out there about how to design a good piece of direct mail. In general, it should be very clean / not busy with lots of text, have a strong call to action with an offer (or two) attached. The most common are cheap oil changes or free tire rotation w/oil change, etc.
    This is a pretty involved subject. I’d be happy to help you out if you direct message me or email me directly – [email protected]
    Here are some high-level tips:
    – Buy a quality list of prospects around your area. You can specify things like avg. home value, income, radius from your shop, among other things.
    – Get examples of pieces that work well for other shop owners – Does anyone have any they can send Stephen?
    – Train your staff on how to convert the phone calls & customers that come in. This is the step most business owners fail to do.
    – Set a test budget and time frame and a decent quantity of mailers & track everything to the gnat’s eyebrow. 
    – Constantly be testing & refining the mailers & lists – and do this consistently throughout the year.
    There are some companies out there that will be able to do most of the list buying / piece design & mailing for you.
    Again, feel free to reach out if you want more specifics!
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    If you do go down the road of TV be sure to retain ownership of the video content. This is a great asset for use in video marketing on Youtube and Facebook.

    If you do not go down the road of TV I’d recommend continuing on the video path. It is an awesome way to maintain a human relationship will customers and build trust with prospective new customers.

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