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  • Time Clocking Quiz for Technicians (Free Sample Document from Premium Area)

    Posted by AMN Admin on March 30, 2020 at 10:28 am

    Time Clocking Quiz for Technicians

    Other than the time performing the actual repair or service, when should a
    technician be punched on to a car? Indicate Y/N for each of the following.

    1 _____ Riding/driving with the customer to observe a symptom
    2 _____ Initial reading of the complaint or service request
    3 _____ Researching the service history
    4 _____ Searching for repair or service information, TSB’s, recalls
    5 _____ The initial test drive
    6 _____ Getting out tools, equipment, supplies, parts
    7 _____ Testing, diagnosis, inspection
    8 _____ Entering the findings on an inspection or the repair order
    9 _____ Clean-up after the job
    10 _____ Putting away tools, equipment, supplies, parts
    11 _____ Completing the final paperwork

    The correct answer is all of them. Each item has something to do with servicing the vehicle, which means that time needs to be applied to that vehicle. Select the labor task line on the repair order that is the most closely related to what you are doing and use that line for time punching.


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