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  • Bill White

    July 26, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    I was a technician at a Toyota store when they implemented a team system. I quit as did a very large number of top producers all over the country. I went on my own and have been in business 20 years now. Others went to different car lines. I am all about being a team player and I’m happy to help the guy next to me, but do NOT set up a team pay plan that ties my pay to what the low produer on the team does. The system plan is to create competion between two or more teams and have both high and low producers on a team and then the high producers will light a fire under the low producers to make the team as a whole more productive. The only thing that ever happened when I was with Toyota is that all the high producers made less money, got pissed off and quit while it was a bonus system to the low producers. I would never consider it in my shop. I have a bonus I pay if the shop as a whole hits a goal. Everyone gets a percentage of the bonus based on the hours they contributed to the goal.