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    What is the main cause of low average RO? Sticker shock! You are thinking of customers, right? But we are not talking customers – we are talking service advisors (or whoever is on the front counter).

    While it can be true at any age, it is likely a bigger issue as advisors get older. While we all are regularly exposed to higher and higher prices for almost everything we buy, the logic that the same should be true of auto repair often does not carry over to advisors. The connection is not made. But until the connection is made, that advisor will have an exceedingly difficult time generating a profitable amount of legitimate sales.

    In some cases, this is made worse by a belief among some advisors that “many maintenance services are not all that important.”

    Then there is the advisor who believes attempting to sell anything that the customer did not specifically request is excessive.

    Add the three issues together, and the shop is doomed. Yet, anyone of them is a huge handicap to the shop and detrimental to customers, their finances, and their safety.

    If you have conquered these issues either personally or with employees, many folks would love to hear how. Discussions? Books? Videos? Something else? Share your story and help save a shop!

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    Joe Mazur

    This is overcome with regular training, and creating a company that delivers more value than the prices that are charged. Once the advisor (and customer) believe that the value is there, the price is a secondary concern.

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