• September 1, 2020 at 10:34 pm #102132
    john valerio

    Ive been using PMAttendant for 10 years. Simple easy but the owner doesnt want to implement ideas to make it even better so i have had shopmonkey for 8 months now ready to go but one huge major downfall. With Pm, when you enter plates, it shows you exact oil capacity and weight for that YMME. I use mighty filters and they dont integrate or im just use to one click and my lube tech can see all the info he needs at a glance. Super easy for a lube tech who is slammed all day long. Is there something i am missing? ive reached out and they give me round about answers instead of just saying “no we are not full auto shop friendly.” any advise is appreciated. I would include a screenshot but this forum only allows links which are not much help. Thanks in advance

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