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  • wendydavid

    August 31, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Hi Jeff, here are some tips from my experience in auto repair shop marketing.

    3 Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Car Count Immediately

    • Send out an email newsletter with a limited time offer. Make it such a great deal that people will run to their phones!
    • Because only about 30% of your email list will read their email from you, send out a printed version of the offer to your whole database.
    • An alternative is to just mail a great offer to your inactive customer list such as a gift certificate or the “check mailer.”
    Plus I would look at investing in Google Adwords, RepairPal and Yelp.com.  Those are the 3 platforms that send the most calls to my auto repair shops. 

    All the best,

    Read Morehttp://www.23kazoos.com/100-marketing-ideas-for-auto-repair-shops-plus-4-marketing-ideas-that-will-increase-car-count-immediately/

  • abbymacautomarine

    September 6, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    Do specials on bidding war facebook groups. I did one for air conditioning recharge. Got lots of new ppl in the door

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