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  • PODCAST: Flat Rate vs Hourly-Bonus Hybrid Pay Plans THA 157

    Posted by Carm Capriotto on February 6, 2020 at 10:27 am

    With me on this Academy is Jeff Matt, Victory Auto Service, and Glass, Minneapolis, MN, Joe Hanson, Gordie’s Garage, Roseville, MI, Mike Maloney, Convenience Auto Service, An Arbor, MI and Corey Evaldi, Olmsted Auto Care, North Ridgeville, OH

    Link to the episode HERE.

    Find the show notes at Use them as an outline for yourself or a meeting.
    There is no right or wrong answer as it relates to how you pay your technician team. If it is a modified flat-rate or hourly/bonus program your best intentions is to keep the focus on taking care of your customer and providing a living wage for quality days work for your team.

    Listening Apps HERE.

    One mention here that I need to address. If you or anyone on your team is living paycheck to paycheck or even beyond your means, any increase in may will be lost on bad spending habits. You can get help to get out of debt and to create a budget. One great resource is Dave Ramsey.

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