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  • jon

    November 5, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    We recently purchased a new Genisys scanner that had the TPMS adapters, software and remote for I believe about $2500, from NAPA on their real-deals flier. The updated scanner was $2000 alone, so the tpms stuff only added $500 to the price. We’ve always had good service and coverage from the genisys tool, and just buying the new one is actually a pretty cost effective way to not only update the software, but also get bigger/better/faster on hardware side. We have only encountered a couple vehicles that the TPMS had difficulty with so far. I can’t speak for how it might compare with some other brands out there as this is our first foray into a tool to work on these.

  • Tom Piippo

    November 5, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    A great question with any tool purchase would be “What WON’T it do?” But no one will tell you that until after you’ve made the purchase. I just pulled the trigger on a Bartech Tech 400SD, the latest and greatest; will program “universal” sensors to fit virtually any car on the road, has programming instructions on-screen for anything you are likely to have come in the door.

    Unfortunately, I seem to work on non-virtual cars. The first one was a 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer; the guys at Bartech say that yes, I can program a universal sensor for the car, but only the “factory” scan tool can pair the sensor to the car. The next one was a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, the gal wanted snow tires & wheels. Well, the TECH 400SD can program new sensors to the car, but the universal sensors won’t work here! Dealer items only.

    I’m a little bit discouraged, but like any “universal” tool, there are limitations and I seem to have found a couple in a hurry. I still think it will be a great tool, but I havn’t used it yet.

  • Patrick McElroy

    November 6, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Hi Dale,

    Three years ago I bought the Bartech 300. This tool is great for

    activating existing sensors and quickly checking their operation. We

    have found quite a few sensors with dead batteries and sold EZ

    sensors for replacements. I have run into the same problem as Tom

    Piippo with some imports but overall Bartech makes a good tool. And

    they are a Michigan company with great tech support. Two of our

    vendors at the Michigan ASA EVENT this past October sell TPMS tools

    including the Bartech lineup. Capital Tire and CAS of New England.

  • rpmgeorge

    November 13, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    The problem is not the Tool.

    I use the T400 since 2008 with all updates and the fun stuff. However I am a believer in OEM or close to OEM Parts. Never was a fan for the one fits all methodology. We frequently do Hyundai’s not so much Mitsubishis and loads of euros, the tool will accommodate all these without problems. I needed to teach new Techs several times to get it right but it works well.

    P.S new sensors from the Dealers or aftermarket suppliers are not expensive anymore and if, well did you brake it or was the battery to weak? It’s the Customers fun not ours.

    I think we have more important stuff to worry about then where and how to save customers a few Pennies. OEM is what it is most of times the more reliable and warrantable part.

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