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    Posted by Site Administrator on February 12, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Operational Planning for Automotive Repair

    Operational planning can have a major impact on business capacity, sales and profits in automotive repair. Different measurements on the effect of planning on business execution have shown that efficiencies can be increased by 20 percent on more. Efficiency increases result in greater capacity which leads to greater sales and profits. Of course planning takes time and finding the proper balance in any given environment is very important. Ultimately there is no disputing the fact that the company that works from defined processes and plans then executes will have an advantage over one that doesn’t. Following are areas in which operational planning can be applied to achieve improved results in automotive repair:

    1. The Impact of Appointment Scheduling – Scheduling work in advance through appointments can have a significant impact on auto repair shop operations leading to greater efficiency, higher sales and more profits. A shop that operates primarily through walk in business will not be able to achieve the same efficiencies as one that works through advance scheduling … Read More >>
    2. Process Planning and Efficiency – The focus of process planning is the elimination of waste and lag time between steps. When focusing on the operational processes that support a vehicle maintenance and repair operation the objective is to achieve maximum efficiency in both value add and non-value add activities … Read More >>
    3. Physical Planning – The physical environment within an automotive repair business will always have an impact and in some cases determine the definition of work processes performed. Many a shop owner has surveyed the layout of their shop and wished they had designed it from the ground up … Read More >>

    For more on planning, click here.


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