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    In your experience, what has worked best for finding qualified applicants for the auto repair field? I have a client that has many job openings and offers competitive pay, but is having a hard time finding applicants. What has worked for you in the past? I would love to hear your experience! Here is a better explanation of what I need help with: http://bit.ly/1bDDw1d
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    The worst part of this business .How do you guys find enough qualified help .

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    I have been very fortunate to have staffed my two key employees with the help of the Snap-On representative.  I have cycled through a series of ancillary employees with the help of Craigslist and indeed.com. CraigsList has become a go-to for a lot of BS, and I haven’t been SUPER happy with the results i get from those ads.  I also don’t like that they have started to charge me $25 for posting help wanted ads.

    I use my chamber website to post jobs, Facebook and of course, word of mouth… 
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    Bobby Likis

    Quite candidly, our industry has the fewest applicants and is the most difficult to fulfill of all staffing – at least that is how it is in northeast Florida. We offer 5 day workweeks with clean (epoxy painted clean) floors, paid Holidays, sick leave, uniforms and $40/hr for billed work…and still cannot find qualified people. Futures? Anyone have an opinion as to what futures hold for the aftermarket service & repair industry?

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    I wrote an article on this subject that was published in a couple of our trade magazines. Title: 1000s of auto/truck/tire/collision jobseekers tell us what ads and efforts win
    the Gold, the Silver, and the Bronze medals, and which are just pot metal.

    If you want to read it, just go to: http://www.actautostaffing.com/learngener5.asp

    Also advise this one as well whch talks about how you have to proactively try to reach out to techs instead of waiting for them to contact you:    http://www.actautostaffing.com/recruiting.asp 

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    We are in a current search for an experienced technician, as of this posting I haven’t hired anyone but here is what we are doing to meet this need.

    1. We have an employment page on our website which allows us to always be looking whether we need someone or not. We have an very short online application that just gives some basic info and opens the door to further questions.
    2. We link this Employment page to every online ad we list. It would be great if through this employment page an applicant could attach their resume (We’ll have to work on that)
    3. Posted on Craigslist of course, but also out of my main market area (which those markets do not yet have the $25 fee) I have received some activity from outside my market so it may be worth a shot.
    4. Job Center of Wisconsin, which allows me to post for free. Perhaps your state will have something similar.
    6. I created and posted at the parts delivery area in our shop a big REWARD Sign for any information that leads us to a successful hire. How it works is offer a cash reward to anyone who refers our company info to an individual that is seeking.  Make it what ever dollar amount you think is appropriate and pay it out as 1/2 when the person is hired and 1/2 after 30 days.
    7. I personally called all my parts vendors and asked if they know of anybody that would be a good fit. Mention the reward you are offering if you want, but basically you are just getting the word out that you are looking. How many techs may come in on the weekends and get parts and visit with the counter guys, that small talk could lead them to you.
    8. I called the company that does the evening training for our techs and asked if they know of anyone who would be a good fit. I really like this idea as the techs I’m interested in are ones that are committed to continued training.
    9. I posted to our shop facebook page and shared it on my personal facebook page, with a link of course to our employment page on our website.
    10. I asked my current staff if they know of anyone who would be a good fit.
    11. Tool Truck guys, use the same REWARD program for them as well.
    If nothing else I know we are doing our best to look as broadly as possible and if I get a few leads a week I know it will just be a matter of time before we find and hire the right guy.
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    The hardest part of our business. Every shop owner i talk to talks about the same thing.

    We are training young guys but it’s a long term investment. 

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