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    Hey guys,

    I just opened a Auto Repair in Tracy CA and I’m wondering if anyone could share some marketing tips to get me going. I’ve heard that investing in Yelp online might give me a boost. I already have my fliers and business cards for handing them off to the public. Any one else who would like to contribute?

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    Tom Ham

    Have the unquestionably best looking shop, both in and out, in your town/area.

    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

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    I agree with Tom.

    I would also invest heavily in customer service training. Allocate a budget toward customer refunds if you haven’t already, and be liberal with your policies in making customers happy. That will ensure repeat business & referrals – which are the quickest way to grow. Have a good way to manage your online reputation as well. A service business can live & die based on their reputation.
    A strong focus on other digital marketing efforts would be good: pay-per-click, SEO, and email marketing. If you can afford it, start a regular direct mail campaign to targeted areas within a 7 mile radius of your shop.
    I don’t particularly recommend investing with Yelp. If you can manage to score a great reputation on Yelp, you’ll never need to spend a dime advertising with them (although you might choose to test it out in the future).
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    Great advice Patrick.

    – Getting to 30 reviews on Google and Facebook ASAP.
    – Goodwill Policy 
    – Google Adwords
    – Facebook & Instagram Ads
    – A professional website that is mobile optimized (responsive) and good optimization for search engines and local search.
    – Submit a local listing update
    – Start collecting emails (a good closer is “could we have your email address? we send out special offers and coupons from time to time”)
    – I agree on Patrick’s Yelp comments.
    Great Thread!

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