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    Posted by Bob Depontes on January 11, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Everyone knows the importance of continued training in this

    very competitive economy. Management training is typically a

    2-5 day event, complete with travel. The information is

    taught very quickly. Its like trying to drink out of a fire

    hose. You also are leaving your business shorthanded at the

    same time. After said trip the tendencies to fall back into

    your same old habits. I’m curious how interested folks might

    be in a self study formatted system. A system that you could

    help you decide on a goal, format a plan and achieve desired

    results. The kind of system that lets you follow your vision

    while still giving the needed format & steps to get you

    to your goal.

    1. Are you aware of any self-study management training

    material such as a textbook, videotape, cassette tape or PC

    based program? If so what is the name/title?

    2. If self-study management training materials were made

    available, would you be interested in obtaining it? Why or

    why not?

    3. If you were in the market to obtain a self-study

    management training program, which of the following formats

    would you prefer?

    – Textbook

    – Video Tape

    – Combination Book and Video Tape

    – Audio CD

    – Combination Book and Audio CD

    – PC Based Multimedia (Interactive CD)

    – Website based text book & blog

    4. What content would you want to be included in such a

    program? (i.e. write-up and dispatch processes, pricing

    policies, how to determine profit margin, how to properly

    equip the shop, setting up the shop, productivity analysis,

    environmental issues – waste material management)

    gcauto replied 9 years, 5 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • gcauto

    January 15, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Robert, I like your idea. I’ve attended several seminars and have been able to take away a couple of key points, but would rather have ongoing training available online so I don’t have to leave my business to attend. I would be looking for textbook and online training that can be done on a self-paced basis. After attending several seminars, I’ve left with more questions that I went in with because the “meat” of those seminars come at a very hefty price, on top of what I’ve already paid for the seminars.

    In my case, ongoing service writer training and management training would be a great idea.

    Thanks for your post and good luck!