• February 4, 2020 at 7:37 am #95925
    Sara Danyal

    I’m working as an Assistant Manager working at Automotive Industry, somehow it has fallen to me to install 3 new LED displays above our cafe to display the regular updates. We are currently working with 3 older LED’s from the garage, but the problem we are running into is that they are clocking out while presenting the same image for more than 5 minutes, despite having turned off any sleep/power settings.

    Usually, my manager will create a file of the information every day, load it into the Displays USB port, and play it as a presentation. This hasn’t been working well as two of the monitor’s flashes every few seconds as the presentation starts over and the remaining screen times out completely.

    Who are some of the best outdoor led screen manufacturers that would help us deliver a professional-looking arrangement?

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