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    Imprinted Advertising Items – Yes or No? – Shop Management Tip # 237

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    June 2, 2018 at 8:26 pm#75111
    Larry Bloodworth

    I was reading tip #237 Imprinted Advertising Items in the premium area and my vote is a “No”.  Here’s why:

    I bought a few phone numbers ($5/mo. ea.) from our website phone tracking company and put them on specialty advertising various items, including business cards.  If ANYBODY calls us using one of those numbers, we not only know it was an imprinted item, but we know what it was.

    Long story made short, after a year we received no phone calls on the imprinted items.  The only people that called me (3 calls in a year) from our business cards were the shops I stopped at soliciting transmission business. (That’s what we do.)

    We don’t waste our money on specialty advertising anymore.

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