• April 16, 2018 at 11:47 am#65505

    It is critical that paint damage does not occur during headlight refinishing.
    1: Use wide masking tape on the body parts next to the headlight lens.
    2: Apply a second row of tape outside of the first row if the buffer is going outside
    of the tape.
    3: Apply two layers of tape if the buffer is getting through one.
    4: If paint damage occurs, use scratch remover to repair.
    5: If scratch remover does not take care of it sufficiently, use mild rubbing
    6: Wax the area where the paint was repaired.
    Bottom line: Be careful not to damage the paint, and repair the damage if it occurs.
    When customers see this type of damage, they often don’t complain – instead they
    just go somewhere else next time and we never find out why they didn’t return.

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