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    Five Ways to Improve Customer Mood in Your Waiting Area Click here to view #autoshopmanagement  

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    Craig O’Neill

    I’ve been around enough lobby’s now as I go from shop to shop…

    While I wait to speak with owners, it’s interesting to look around and gather a sense of whats important to each establishment.

    I appreciated the point in the article about the TV channel.

    This is a politically volatile and diverse world we live in.  The very news channel you select can trigger a potential client and actually hurt your credibility if they are cynical, or more likely, jaded enough. 

    But hey… who knows… you might have a nature channel on and inadvertently trigger a debate on wolf conservation with an angry rancher in some parts of the country! 

    Better just get their car done accurate and timely and get them out of there before something triggers them!  xD

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    Rohan David


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