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  • Five Ideas to Attract New Customers (Sample document from the Premium Member’s Area)

    Posted by Site Administrator on March 9, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    Referrals from existing customers: 

    Create a formal system to encourage current customers to refer new customers to you. System must be explained consistently at the front counter. Maybe each party gets a free oil change, etc.

    Referrals from other auto service shops: 
    Visit other shops in the area that do NOT offer all of the services that you offer. 
    Say hello the owner or manager just to get to know them. 
    Offer to help them with anything that you may have the resources for, but they do not. 
    When they refer a customer to you, send them lunch or something similar for EVERY customer that they refer.
    What can you do to get the attention of people driving by your shop? Signs, flags, paint colors, parking of cars, etc. Drive around your community and look for businesses that attract your eye and note why they stand out. Use similar things at your shop.
    Web search results:
    Do the things necessary to make your shop show up multiple times on the first page of results. 
    Look for a good expert (ask for names of his/her clients) to assist you in doing this. 
    Free Quick Check:
    When new customers call, ask them to stop by so you can take a quick look at their issue (.2-.3 maybe). 
    Credit the tech for his time spent. 
    When they come in, do what you can to make them see why your shop is a good choice for their needs. 
    If you can locate their issue during the quick check, then estimate the fix. 
    If it requires more time for testing, offer to test it at your normal rates.
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