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    Features to look for when shopping for a Shop Management Software System

    Feature # 21 – Comprehensive Job Kits

    Job kits can be created from any job that has been estimated or performed and the ability exists to include an unlimited number of parts, labor operations and notes. Costs and pricing within the kits change automatically whenever parts or labor pricing changes within the software. Existing job kits can be added to other new or existing job kits, and can be either vehicle specific or generic.


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    December 22, 2015 at 6:06 pm #74239

    We take it a step further by allowing the job kit price to be fixed from the job kit item, or to get the price from the part itself. Also, don’t forget about package pricing… this is where you set one price for the entire job (like an oil change for instance). The cost always comes from the inventory part.

    The other thing we did was allow the job kit to determine if a vehicle has components, then it will replace the generic part with the actual part for that vehicle. That way you can create a job kit (we call it a package), that is generic in nature, and you only have to create one that can work with all vehicles (that have attached components/parts).

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