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  • Estimate Preparation (Sample Document from Premium Member’s Area)

    Posted by Site Administrator on May 18, 2016 at 2:16 pm


    -Enter on the RO ALL of the details, notes, checklist findings, etc from tech.
    -Have the tech explain anything that is not crystal clear to you.
    -Have the tech show you anything on the car that is not crystal clear to you.
    -Note items for estimating according to this order of priority:
    1: ALL of the items related to the CUSTOMER’S CONCERNS.
    2: OTHER REPAIR items that were noted by the tech.
    3: MAINTENANCE items that were noted by the tech.
    4: Check our maintenance history for MAINTENANCE items that are due.
    5: Note INSPECTIONS that might be appropriate for this vehicle.
    (Assign a priority to all items according to how critical they are.)
    -Check sub estimates for items that were previously estimated.
    -Check recommendations for items that were previously recommended.
    -Order any parts NOW that you believe are likely to be sold (90% sure).
    -Check service history to see if and when estimated items were last performed.
    -Check for canned jobs that cover items which you need to estimate.
    -Note any items that were not found in canned jobs that we are likely to need to estimate again in the future. Plan to
    create canned jobs for these items.
    For typical items where there is not canned job:
    -Labor: Use the average of the times in: ___________ and in: ______________.
    -Parts: Locate a similar canned job to see what brands of parts we normally use.
    Misc: Locate a similar canned job to see what else this job typically involves.
    For non typical jobs:
    -Ask the tech for his estimate of high and low times needed, use the higher time.
    -Ask the tech which parts he expects to need, use those and add: ____%.
    (If the estimate turns out to be too high, adjust it lower when finishing the RO.)
    -Check for labor operations that may overlap with other services being performed, reduce the labor time accordingly.
    -Check for parts availability to see when we can have the job completed.
    -When creating a new canned job after the car is completed, adjust the labor according to how much time was needed to do this job.
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