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    This topic is covered very nicely in this 9 minute video

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    Randy Lucyk

    I agree with most of what Jeff had to say.

    The question as presented to him in regards to cell phone use was inconceivable to me. That an owner would allow this to happen is grossly negligent leadership.

    All that said, I find myself in a quandary as it relates to useful aspects of cell phones in our business environment. Only one current example(with many more to come) is using personal cellphones with apps that allow them to interface with the shop management system for things like punching in and out of jobs, attaching pictures to the RO,  updating job status, starting repair orders in the parking lot while greeting customers and doing a walk around. 

    Now we can continue to buy them all tablets or maybe smart phones with no cell service but as this technology develops it seems unlikely to me that 10 years from now we won’t just be using the devices that they carry with them everyday.

    So the real challenge as I see it, is how to find balance between “allowed” personal cell phone use and cell phone use for the benefit of the business.

    Many of the examples Jeff gave would be, should be and absolutely are strictly forbidden and always will be. A personal phone vibrating (never ringing) will never be more important than the customer in front of you or one of your co-workers engaging you in daily operational activities.

    I think we have a little more work to do on this subject.

    Midas, Kalkaska

    August 12, 2015 at 10:06 am #74103
    Tom Ham

    Randy, well stated. This subject is big and only going to get bigger. 

    Some thoughts that immediately come to mind.
    Employees on some kind of incentive pay, especially 100%, hurt themselves along with the business. The sharper ones get that.
    How the cell phones are used categorizes employees to some degree when it comes to professionalism, career seriousness, commitment and other things.
    There will be technology approaches/advances designed to address the issue in ways we have not yet considered.
    Good video to play at a staff meeting once a year 😉

    Tom - Shop Owner since 1978

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