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  • 2017 GM 3.6 oil filter issue causing internal engine damage

    Posted by Randy Lucyk on February 9, 2018 at 8:22 am

    The following are posts I made on the AOCA website outlining an issue(potential nightmare) we had on 2017 Chevrolet Colorado:

    Unfortunately, I believe this is exactly what this may turn into for shops and consumers. We recently had a report of an oil filter failure on a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado with 13304 miles on the truck and the issue occurred 400 miles after our oil change. Customer had a check engine light come on so he headed right off to the dealer to have it checked under warranty. It had a VVT code stored and the dealer started looking into the issue. They found the filter failure and sent a picture of the image off to the customer. We used a Performax P0171 filter. The customer sent me the attached image of the obviously failed filter. I am immediately highly concerned, but the dealer is being unusually understanding of the failure. We spend some time with the service manager and find out that their appears to be an issue starting to show up on these vehicles, where the stand pipe in the filter housing is coming off with the old filter and being disposed of without the techs knowledge. We had great video of the oil change and their was nothing visible with the old filter as it was removed. The premises is that without the standpipes restricting/diverting functionality in place, full oil flow is blowing out the filter and the everything flows right down the filter housing port into the cylinder heads and remainder of the motor and plugs up components and passages. We asked for a picture of the filter housing and received image 2 attached. This appears that it may be a problem starting in 17 model year, but i can’t be sure of that yet. I am digging for additional info now and will update as more information becomes available.

    This appears to be both a GM issue and a in-shop issue.

    Now that I see the notification GM released last week, i believe this issue occurred at the original oil change prior to the one we did. As I said, we had great video of the open end of the old filter as we removed it from the vehicle and I don’t believe this stand pipe could have possibly been inside. Their is also no evidence of the tech struggling with anything “down in there” other then the normal A/C line interference issue. .

    Looking at the design and the A/C line interference, I suspect that the stand pipe is being knocked loose as the filter is being “angled” around the A/C lines to get the old one out. I suspect the oring on the stand pipe is the only thing holding it in the oil filter housing. Once the standpipe is disposed of, the housing has to be replaced, as the stand pipe is not available separately. The housings are in short supply with only three left in the country on dealers shelves and none in Gm distribution centers. Their is a new part number for the housing and those are not available yet. Original pt# 12675707 and new pt# 12682014.

    Looking at the attached illustrations and notice, it would not be easy to completely miss the fact that a problem was evident. The stand pipe looks too big to me to be easily missed. I suspect it is plastic and the words “housing cracked” was mentioned in the conversation with the service manager. I wonder if the stand pipe is actually cracking during removal of the filter, making it difficult/impossible to reinstall. If we did not do it, then why the old filter had not failed yet ours did, comes into question. Cold weather “full oil flow” was also mentioned in the conversation with the service manager, and those were the conditions at the time of the failure.

    The images also create some questions for me. The new housing does not appear to be identical to the OE installed housing, so is it an already redesigned housing? The filter bulletin in the Napa/Wix box talks about an update to the filter to include a check valve in the top of the filter. Our old filter does not appear to have this check valve, the Napa/Wix does and our new stock P0171 filters also have it. Looking at the design of the stand pipe in the new housing, it would almost appear that the small nipple on the end of the stand pipe might make more sense if it fit into the open hole of the old filter. The stand pipe design almost seems wrong for the filter with the check valve, unless it is shorter than it looks and never reaches the upper end of the filter. Would be great if the next shop to have one of these off would post some additional pics to try and help reduce confusion.

    Based on the notice from Gm, this does indeed look like it could get ugly. Although, this dealer covered all the extensive engine repairs under warranty(heads pulled, all new timing components, cleaning passages), i am not convinced all dealers will take that approach. In my case, it was nice(incredible?) to see GM step up and take responsibility. It helped that my customer (owner of the Colorado) retired from a GM primary supplier dealing with issues exactly like this for the later half of his career. He knew the right people to call to get the info needed to drill down to the root cause.

    Randy Lucyk
    Midas Kalkaska



    Randy Lucyk replied 3 years, 11 months ago 3 Members · 4 Replies
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  • Randy Lucyk

    February 9, 2018 at 8:24 am

    additional images

  • Frank French

    March 28, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    I’ll be servicing a 2016 model V6 Colorado in the near future.  Best I can tell the 2016 housing is a different design and may not have the center core that is in question.  The oil filters are different part numbers, so it may be the case. If any can verify please do.


  • recbob818

    February 13, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Hi, I know its been a while since this post.

    I wanted to know if you remember what it looked like in the new filter housing, if they had made a dam, in frt of the oil pressure in port, so the oil pressure coming in did not blast right at the filter paper.

    I would wager that is what happened, because the valve/stand pipe in the middle would not have prevented the filter paper tearing. That had to have happened due to the over-pressure problem these motors have in below freezing weather.

    Just curious if you had any pictures inside the housing.



  • Randy Lucyk

    February 14, 2019 at 4:05 am


    I am not seeing a diverter/dam.  Looks wide open to me, other than maybe the oil comes in off angle, and maybe a little lower than where we had the majority of filter damage. Here is a link to the video I shot of the new housing: