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Which Are the Best Job Boards for Recruiting?

best job boards

In one of our more recent polls, we asked our members to weigh in on which methods they use to find and hire auto repair techs. If you would like to add your response to this poll, vote on our survey page. Job boards are one way auto repair shop owners and managers use to solve their recruiting problems. The question is: Which are the best job boards for this purpose?

So Many Job Boards, So Little Time

In our poll, the job boards we included are: 

  • ACT Auto Staffing
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Job Market
  • FindAWrench
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • NeedTechs 
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter

There’s a practically endless number of job boards, however – so many it can be confusing to know which are useful or affordable in general, let alone for tech or other auto repair jobs.

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Because there are so many job boards and they all take time to utilize, hiring managers will not list information on all the available sites; they’ll choose the ones they think will get the most views and the best response. The smart strategy is to post positions to sites that will attract the right candidates, of course. Which are those?

best job boards

From the responses we have received so far since the poll was posted, the best job sites would seem to be (in order of popularity): Indeed, Craigslist, Facebook Job Market, and Zip Recruiter. LinkedIn and FindaWrench also got mentions. 


Of these options, LinkedIn cannot be considered a job board as it’s a social networking site for professionals. As a social resume database, it should not be ignored, but it’s used more by white collar professionals to find desk jobs than it is by people in the trades or doing manual labor. 


ZipRecruiter postings are distributed to many other job boards and sites immediately, including Resume.com, CareerJet, juju, and Twitter. This gives you more exposure than posting to many smaller boards. ZipRecruiter gives you one reusable post for a 5-day free trial, but you have to pay to keep that post live after the trial is over. 


If your auto shop has a Facebook page, you should be using it to advertise any job openings, although using your business page may be better for passive job recruiting than filling specific positions immediately. You can also find out about people and their lives from their profiles, information you may not be able to get any other way. 

Jobs posted to your business profile can be linked to Facebook Job Marketplace. That way applicants can learn more about your business before applying. It’s free for employers to post jobs, but you can also pay to boost your job listings for more exposure to the larger Facebook audience. Since this is the largest networking site in the world, businesses should leverage it in whatever ways they can to succeed.


Craigslist is a classified-ads website that has a job section. Each Craigslist website is regional, instead of national, so the quantity and quality of listings will vary from region to region, depending on how local people use it. It’s very good for finding local workers and for jobs that involve manual labor or freelance work. At one time posting jobs to Craigslist was free. Now it’s $7-$45 per posting, depending on the geographic location. 


There’s a reason why Indeed was the most popular job board selected by our members. It’s the largest job website in the world with 250 million monthly users and 10 new jobs added every second. It posts listings for jobs in every industry, at every level, and every lifestyle, including full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs. It’s highly searchable and intuitive.

It’s free to post a job on Indeed, but because so many jobs are posted, it will likely get only limited exposure as over time that listing gets pushed further down the list. You can pay for a sponsored job post for between $.10 and $5 per click. Paid listings will be prominently posted at the top and bottom of each page when a candidate searches for specific jobs. 


Monster is another frequently used job board with users searching 7,900 times every minute. Like Indeed, it has job listings for all industries, levels, and lifestyles, but it has fewer search filters and not as many opportunities. The cost to post on Monster is $130-$375 per post, depending on how many listings you purchase. 

Best Job Boards for Posting Tech Jobs?

For any of the above job boards, it’s crucial that employers write detailed and correct job descriptions and monitor their results closely to filter out unqualified candidates. Hiring managers are sure to have differing opinions on which ones are the best, depending on their own experience. You may find that one site has a number of great candidates but that all of your best employees came from some other source, including word of mouth. 

Because of this, sharing your own experience with job board posting here is very useful to our members in the industry. We invite you to do that on this blog post or on our boards. Please give as much detailed information as you feel comfortable about how your most successful job searches were accomplished. By doing so, you’re helping others save their limited time and resources.