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    Posted by Michael Gagnon on May 7, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN (Gagnon’s Tire & Auto Panama City, FL)

    I know this is a management forum but I thought I would throw it on here anyway,just in case any shop owners are looking to relocate to Florida. One of my top ten fantasies is to have a job, you know, the kind of job you could not find so you started your own shop. A job with good pay, decent benefits and weekends off.A job working with good people that are honest and not a bunch of money grabbing a-holes.That job does exist, right here. Check out Panama City Beach on line. This place is awesome.

    The cars are not any easier to repair here and it’s not Disney World either, but houses are plentifull and cheap.The people are mostly very friendly.

    Problem is I need to move quick, summers on the way. Thanks, Mike.

    Great Opportunity!!

    I unfortuantly have to replace a good technician who had gotten a government job that he could not refuse

    He was making right at $50,000 per year,5 days a week (Monday-Friday) with the opportunity to make more and seldom worked late.

    He was skilled in diagnostics and electrical.

    This is an immediate opening.

    Gagnons Tire and Auto Center is in need of a good technician with the following qualities and skills.

    · General Auto Repair.

    · Air Conditioning.

    · Electrical Diagnosis.

    · Drivability.

    · Honest.

    · Dependable.

    · Self Motivated

    · Self Managing (technically)

    · A valid drivers license

    We offer the following benefits.

    · A high flag hour rate of pay. (Up to 30.00 per hour)

    · A five-day work week. (Monday thru Friday)

    · Paid Holidays.

    · Paid 10 day shut down during Christmas.

    · Paid vacation (up to three weeks).

    · Retirement plan.

    · Medical and Dental benefits.

    · Good,on going training.

    · Tires and parts at cost. (plus 3%)

    · Use of the shop for repair and maintenance of your vehicles.

    · The best service adviser in Bay County!

    There have been a lot of shops have been slow due to the economic down turn, we have not only stayed busy, but are having the best year yet with a 15% increase over last year. The reason we have stayed busy is because we consistently produce quality work, this is not easy, and it requires self-discipline and devotion. It also requires good sales and support team and I can assure you, we have the best service adviser in Bay County! We take care of our techs and keep them busy. We are friendly to our customers and never take them for granted. Each time a car comes in we treat it like it belongs to family member. That means making decisions that are in the customers best interest especially when it comes to safety.

    I am the owner and I am here to help you with tough problems and lets face it a lot of them are tough problems. We use All Data, Identifix and IATN to help us with different problems. We have Genisys and Modis scanners,and are currently shopping around for the latest greatest diagnostic equipment. Every other month we have training put on by Carquest and it is very helpful. The problem I see is that some guys just want a job and others treat it as a profession. That’s what ASE certification is about, professionalism. Taking some of your own time to read trade magazine articles and look into new tools or diagnostic methods is no longer an option but is part of what it takes to be a top notch technician. We are looking for a devoted team player who, when at work believes in giving it his all and why not, you have to be there anyway, make the best of it and fatten your paycheck while you are at it.

    Our shop is busy and a little intense at times, this is a place for people who want to work, this position is not for someone who wants to slow down but is ready to face the challenges of this field and reap the rewards. We don’t use the word “mechanic” we feel this word keeps us in the same category as construction workers or plumbers, nothing against them,thet work hard, for sure, but I have never seen a toilet with 50 on board computers. The amount of knowledge, tools, and skill can’t be compared to what we do. This shop is not laid back; we are passionate about what we do. And we are always looking to improve our service.

    We treat our technicians fairly, you don’t eat comebacks if they are not your fault. We distribute work in a fair way, giving everyone the opportunity to make a good paycheck. We will work with you anyway we can to help you achieve you goals!

    Good people and good customers are what have built up this business after 15 years. If you treat my customers right and do your best I will do everything in my power to help you be successful.I am not out playing golf , I am there to help bring out the best in you.We are flexible and family always comes first, they love the holiday shutdown period! We love life and like to make this place a fun place to work when it’s possible.

    This is why we have been voted Best of Bay!!

    Anyone interested in this rare opportunity?

    Please call Mike at 850-832-9595 any time. (Except Sunday morning)

    Or e-mail me. gagnonstire@bellsouth.net

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