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    Posted by Site Administrator on February 17, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Closing the shop checklist
    Employee review form
    Shop meeting agenda form – All staff
    Shop meeting agenda form – Service advisors / managers
    Office manager tasks checklist
    Opening the shop checklist
    Service advisor help wanted advertisement
    Shop operations checklist
    Comeback tracking form
    Pricing survey – Competitors (version 1)
    Existing customer tracking form
    New customer tracking form
    Time tracking – Office staff
    Pricing survey – Competitors (version 2)
    Service advisor / manager daily tasks checklist
    Mathematics test for job applicants
    Mathematics test answer key
    Loaner / rental car weekly inspection checklist
    Engine performance testing pricing and details
    Business location rating scorecard
    Key numbers to track
    Manager’s weekly report for shop owner
    Budget plan
    Job description – Shop foreman
    Expense statement – 100 line items to include
    Machine shop / sublet instructions / details form
    New employee checklist
    Efficiency tracking – Service advisors and office staff
    Employee exit checklist
    Incident report form
    Wait appointment guidelines
    Building maintenance checklist (except shop area)
    Key numbers – Tracking sheet
    Expenses and spending monitoring schedule
    Comeback details form
    Appointment Taking Procedure (version 4)
    Initial questions for job applicants
    Comebacks, rechecks & complaints – Policies and procedures
    Employee hiring ideas list

    Car starting instructions for vehicle with carburetors
    Fuel mileage calculation form
    After hours / Night drop / Early bird form / instructions
    Customer service survey form
    Make Used Car Shopping easier for your Customers

    Parts and Inventory Control
    Import car sources form
    Inventory organization system instructions
    Tire pricing chart
    Parts cores labeling and handling system
    Warranty / defective parts handling policy
    Parts deposit policy
    Parts policies and procedures

    Service Advisors and Writers
    Appointment taking procedure for employees who are not advisors (version 1)
    Customer check out procedure
    Customer greeting and phone procedure – All staff
    Customer greeting procedure – Service advisors
    Oil change checklists – Three levels for techs to use #1
    Oil change checklists – Three levels for techs to use #2
    Oil change service – Three levels menu
    R.O. / invoice completion checklist
    Service advisor daily schedule / tasks checklist #1
    Service advisor daily schedule / tasks checklist #2
    Slow day ideas for service advisors
    Preventive maintenance scorecard handout for customer’s vehicles
    Wheel alignment – Three levels menu
    Car service to do list to give to customers
    Scheduling – Estimating how many hours
    Tune-up maintenance – Three levels menu
    Phone estimate request procedure form
    Estimate preparation
    Appointment taking procedure – Mitchell / ShopKey (version 2)
    Great service advisor description
    After hours / night drop procedure
    Service advisor notes usage
    Selling estimated services
    Warranty billing procedure
    Parts pricing guide
    Topics for chatting with customer
    Labor rates guide for different categories of repair
    Service advisor general guidelines
    Estimating form for making sure everything is covered
    Air conditioning service – Three levels menu
    Transmission maintenance – Three levels menu
    Engine/transmission estimating form
    Fuel injection maintenance – Three levels menu
    Fluid leak dye testing checklists menu
    Appointment taking form for service advisor (version 3)
    Brake maintenance – Three levels menu
    Coolant flush – Three levels menu
    Job kits & canned jobs titles system
    Walk around write up form when taking car in
    Software programs and websites for service advisors to use
    Scheduling the next appointment
    Repair difficulty levels for tech assignments
    Items that we will test or inspect no charge
    In progress screen system
    Oil change service guidelines
    Maintenance schedules to use for vehicles with 125,000 to 250,000 miles
    Maintenance history check and estimating
    Service Advisor priorities
    Estimate presentation worksheet

    RO and Invoice Checklists
    Air conditioning testing / inspection checklist
    Blower testing / inspection checklist
    Lighting testing / inspection checklist
    Brakes testing / inspection checklist disc / drum
    Brakes testing / inspection checklist disc / disc
    Used vehicle inspection checklist
    Charging / starting system testing / inspection checklist
    Coolant leak testing / inspection checklist
    Cooling system testing / inspection checklist
    Cruise control testing / inspection checklist
    Head gasket replacement inspection checklist
    Tune up / engine performance maintenance inspection checklist
    Engine replacement inspection checklist
    Fuel leak testing / inspection checklist
    Fuel pump removal inspection checklist
    Fuel supply system testing / inspection checklist
    Heater testing / inspection checklist
    Every car inspection checklist
    Intake manifold removal inspection checklist
    Preventive maintenance inspection checklist
    Oil consumption testing / inspection checklist
    Oil leak testing / inspection checklist
    Power lock testing / inspection checklist
    Power steering leak testing / inspection checklist
    Quality control checklist for vehicle completion
    Seasonal dependability inspection
    Steering and suspension testing / inspection checklist
    Timing belt inspection checklist
    Transmission leak testing / inspection checklist
    Transmission remove and install checklist
    Transmission testing inspection checklist
    Vehicle information form
    Washers testing / inspection checklist
    Wheel alignment inspection checklist – 4×4 / AWD
    Wheel alignment inspection checklist – Four wheel
    Wheel alignment inspection checklist – Front wheel drive
    Wheel alignment inspection checklist – Rear wheel drive
    Window testing / inspection checklist
    Axle / differential service inspection checklist
    Clutch replacement inspection checklist
    Cooling system testing / inspection checklist

    Brake and wheel alignment promotion
    Asian car service promotion
    Bumper to bumper inspection promotion
    Postcard mailer guidelines
    Vehicle replacement cost calculator
    Common services menu
    Wiper service menu
    Weekly specials – 13 week schedule
    Maintenance services – Menu sign
    Website – Checklist for what to include
    Email marketing – Checklist for what to include
    Car care to do list handout for customers
    Visiting local repair shops – Procedure
    Marketing information – Checklist for what to include
    Gathering customer emails – Phone calling script
    Special – The ultimate maintenance package
    Parking lot maintenance checklist
    Attracting new customers – Five ideas
    Points of contact at your shop – Evaluation form
    Photo checklist for marketing your shop
    Shop – Newest documents at the bottom of the page
    Car for sale preparation checklist

    Air conditioning equipment maintenance form
    Building maintenance weekly schedule
    Shop needs form
    Shop supplies reorder checklist
    Building maintenance checklist – Shop area (version 1)
    Building maintenance checklist – Shop area

    RO and Invoice Notes
    After hours pick-up note
    Air conditioning system leak notes
    Benefits for you included with this service note
    Brake notes (noise, parking brake use)
    Vehicle arrived not running note
    Catalytic converter failure note
    Check engine / service engine soon light notes
    Cooling system notes (coolant in oil, overheating, stop leak)
    Fuse / wiring failure cause not found / unknown note
    Tune-up not for fixing symptoms note
    Fuel leakage notes
    Fluid very dirty – May need to repeat service note
    Fuel cap must be fully tightened note
    Fuel filter seized note
    Additional repair required note
    Intermittent symptoms notes
    Engine damage from low oil level note
    Power steering damage from low fluid note
    Radio / clock reset after battery disconnect notes
    Rain / water leak repair note
    Cost of repair vs. replace notes
    Spark plug(s) seized note
    Multiple issues may exist note
    Test driving limited by weather note
    Tire pulling note
    Transmission notes – Excess debris in filter
    Engine replacement notes for techs and customers

    Diagnostic procedure system
    Inspection form – For every car (with vehicle information area)
    Inspect form – For every car
    Technician tool security
    Vibration testing checklist
    Customer interview about symptoms – Generic

    RO and Invoice Write-Up
    New customer interview questions
    Customer level of repair preference
    Customer interview – Air conditioning symptoms

    RO and Invoice Recommendations
    Complete vehicle inspection recommendation
    Radiator / coolant hose replacement recommendation
    Maintenance at 30,000 miles recommendations
    Maintenance at 50,000 miles recommendations
    Fluid service recommendations

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