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    This series includes 24 Key Numbers. If you work on getting all of them in the ranges mentioned, your shop should be solidly profitable.

    Key Numbers 101 Series – Key # 17 – Non-techs vs. Techs Ratio

    For this key number, we want to know the ratio of non-technicians to technicians.

    Acme Auto has two full time technicians, a full time manager (or owner who works at the shop full time), a full time service advisor and a part time helper who takes care of maintenance at the facility and works about 20 hours per week.

    So, they have 2.50 non-techs and 2.00 techs
    2.50 ÷ 2.00 = 1.25
    So, their ratio is 1.25:1.00

    When looking at this number for a typical independent shop which is solidly profitable, this number will normally run between 0.75:1.00 and 1.25:1.00


    Number of techs: Number of employees who spend most of their time servicing vehicles in some manner including tire and lube techs. Count part time techs as the appropriate fractional number. Example: A tech who works 3 days in a shop that is open 5 days would be counted as 0.6

    Number of non-techs: All employees who work at the shop, but do not fit the definition of a tech.


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