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    How to Choose a Recruiting Company For Shops & Dealerships

    Working with an outside recruiting company can offer shops and dealerships a number of benefits. Finding and hiring qualified techs is a full-time job, and no shop owner or manager has that kind of time.

    But, choosing a recruiting company can also be pretty daunting. After all, there are approximately 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S., and the number of freelance recruiters is on the rise. So, how do you know which recruiting company is right for you?

    Below is a list of tips we created to help shops and dealerships find the recruiting company that is the best fit for them.

    Tips For Choosing a Recruiting Company

    Determine your needs.
    Yes, we know you need techs, but there are a few other questions to consider, such as:

    How many techs do you need to hire? Full-time, part-time, or seasonal?
    Do you need to fill a position immediately, or are you preparing to replace techs that are leaving, aren’t right for the job, or are retiring soon?
    How many years of experience does the candidate need to have? Are you willing to take on someone will less experience and train them?
    Are there specific skills or certifications the candidate needs to have? Are you willing to pay for training if it’s the right candidate?
    Are you willing to pay for relocation and look for techs outside of your area?

    Find a recruiting company that specializes in your industry.
    Whether it’s automotive, diesel, heavy equipment, or any other industry — make sure the recruiting company you hire has experience recruiting within your industry. Recruiting isn’t a “one size fits all” game. What works for hiring accounting professionals may not work for hiring techs. Recruiting companies who specialize in your industry have the inside knowledge on how to reach the right candidates, how to approach them, and will know if they’re truly qualified.

    Find a recruiting company that has had success hiring in your area.
    A recruiting company can have all the success finding and hiring techs in Chicago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be successful in your area. Be sure to ask recruiting companies if they have made placements in your area for the position you’re hiring for or a similar one.

    Make sure you have visibility into their recruiting efforts.
    Obviously, getting qualified applicants is the goal of hiring a recruiting company. However, it’s also important to keep you in the loop about how the process is going. For example, they should be sharing:

    Live links to your job postings
    How many candidates they are texting and calling
    Where they’re posting on social media
    How many applications have come in
    How many applicants have been rejected

    Make sure their fee structure works for you.
    Recruiters charge for their services in several different ways. Generally speaking, placement fees range from 10-25% of the employee’s first year wages. But, depending on their fee structure, you might be required to pay part of all of the fee upfront. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to fee structures — just make sure it works for your financial situation.

    When in doubt, ask for client references.
    Once you’ve narrowed down your search of recruiting companies, if you’re still unsure, you can always ask for client references. Any good recruiting company will be happy to put you in touch with someone they’ve worked for in the past.

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