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    Hi Folks, 

    I’ve gotten demos for both software and both have interesting ways to save time and increase revenue – there is also some overlap with Electronic Inspection and messaging customers. I wanted to get insight from you all on what you find attractive about the two solutions or either one is better and why? 
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    I can only speak about Bolt On. I’ve been using it almost a year now. The proof is in the pudding my February was up over 30% from last year. Only change is bolt on. Customer service has been amazing, I ask for something and next thing I know they have it installed. Vehicle inspections sent instantly from the tech to the customers smart phone is incredibly powerful tool.

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    Tony Leonardi

    We have tried Bolt on, Auto vitals and RO Writers RO touch.
    We have chosen Repair shop solutions With Scott Osborn, It is hands down the most complete and easiest to use. Scott has taken our criticism and made changes and this software is continuing to evolve.
    I wish i had it a year ago, my techs and advisors love it and they started using it straight away.
    I believe they are a advertiser here as well.
    here is there web address:

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    We put together a page with links to over 20 companies that offer vehicle inspection software.

    [email protected]

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    Great info guys!  Thanks!  Does it integrate with  your Point of Sale, and if so what is your Point of sale?

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    Juan Reyes

    I have been using Bolt on Technology in our shop and it has given us many benefits. Starting with the welcome Kiosk, customers sign in if they have been here before by inputting their phone number their information comes up while giving the customer a chance to verify and/or make changes. The customer lets us know the reason for their visit and the system also depending on the weather offers to check their wipers if raining in the area or ck their ac system if the temperature is hot. The service writer receives this information on his workstation, from there a tech is assigned to the repair order, the tech does a MPI ( which can be customized) by ourselves. Any needed work noted from the MPI is noted automatically to the recommendations. Also pictures are taken and this report is sent to our customer. This program has been a great addition to the shop because know we have a system where the whole operation is focused on. These are just some of the highlights of the program, I can say that it has been very beneficial. JR

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    Tony Leonardi

    Yes and rowriter

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    I’ve been using Autovitals for almost a year now. At first it was more overwhelming (or more work) than a handwritten inspection. Over the months, What I have found is that, A good tech savvy technician will complete an digital inspection with Autovitals between 15 minutes to 30+ minutes depending on how much work the car actually needs. Because of the digital inspections technician comments, easy to understand green, yellow, and red color prioritization, and photo taking, I really cant see my shop living without it now. It has become our right arm in selling preventive maintenance jobs, that we were never able to sell before, even though our customers were told over and over that their car needed it on the hand written inspections. The digital inspection is absolute and indispensable service writer upsell tool. The customers appreciate the extra effort, and many of them bring the inspection paper copy back to the shop to remind me about the remaining work they want done on their car.

    The great thing about ANY digital inspection with PHOTOS (no matter who you choose) is that it is something of substance. Its a tangible show and tell service value that a customer can truly appreciate, actually see, and understand sitting on the laptop or mobile device from their house or at their workplace. They don’t have to come to the shop to see what is wrong with their car. Another great thing about the digital inspection, is that you don’t even have to close (upsell) with a digital inspection report, All you have to do, is give them a price, and they will almost always say yes to what you recommend.

    I have seen both the Bolton and Autovitals printouts, and I can honestly say, that I prefer the Autovitals print out and digital screen shots, because they are easier to understand. Autovitals has been the way to go for our shop. I am very happy with our decision.

    Nelson V


    January 13, 2016 at 11:40 am #74262
    We reviewed and trialed the AutoVitals system and then looked at the BoltOn platform with our Mitchell Sales Rep. We found the AutoVitals system to be extensive but it operates too independently of our Mitchell Team Works management software. Our staff from techs, service advisor and owner, all thought the AV program too be too in depth and too time consuming to learn and implement.  It looked to be cheaper monthly, but our Mitchel rep reviewed our Team Works software package pricing and was able to find us a lot of savings month to month that made the BoltOn package actually a better investment at a better price.
    The BoltOn system uses 10″ Android type tablets and offers wireless connection to our network. Via the network it connects to an office computer connected to our LOF label machine, allowing techs to print directly from the shop PC or the handheld devices with data gathered from the inspection for LOF’s.
    We are still learning and customizing our company inspection reports and defining technician policies for using the tools effectively and efficiently. We also love the customer access Mitchell offers our customers thru AutoOwners, and now we have the added ability to communicate directly with our customers via email and smart devices directly from the tablets and service advisor. We anticipate a greater 2016 with a new reenergized program to support our customers. Better service translates into greater trust in our technicians and the services we provide.

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