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    One of our members thought it might be handy to have some easy to use quick calculators for key auto repair shop numbers. So, we created an area dedicated to just that. Premium Members can click the link below for access to business calculators for:

    Average RO
    Effective Labor Rate
    Expenses as Percentage of sales
    Labor Gross Profit Percentage
    New Customer Percentage
    Oil Change Due Number of Days
    Parts Gross Profit Percentage
    Sales Per Production Employee
    Sublet Gross Profit Percentage
    Tires Gross Profit Percentage
    True Net Percentage

    More are coming soon! Another dozen or so calculators are in the works. We also want to hear from you about which calculators you would like us to add.

    Business Calculators:

    *Premium Membership required for access

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    April 11, 2016 at 12:43 pm #74343

    Hi , how about some shop owners opinions of where these shop numbers should be ?

    April 11, 2016 at 3:18 pm #74344

    Jeff, that would certainly be welcome. We have made some additions which should help with what you mentioned.

    1: We created 5 additional calculators: 

    Marketing Cost Percent of Total Sales
    Oil Changes Performed Percentage
    Parts Cost Percent of Total Sales
    Payroll Cost Percent of Total Sales
    Total Gross Profit

    2: We added goal ranges to the calculators where the result is a percentage. Percentages are generally similar regardless of where your shop is located. (We did not add goals to the calculators where the result is a dollar amount because that can vary so much from one geographical area to another.)

    Note: Regarding the goal ranges, these are not just someone’s suggestions or theoretical numbers. The goal ranges were determined by monitoring a number of profitable typical independent shops – both small and large – over a period of time, then coming up with an average, then allowing for some leeway both up and down. 

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