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    Customer __________________ Vehicle ___________________
    Date ______________________ Advisor ___________________
    _____ Customer information completed
          Name Address Email Phone Source
    _____ Service details entered
          Instructions Notes Services Checklists
    _____ Parts handled (sold and likely to be sold)
          Ordered Arrived In stock
    _____ Transportation arranged (when required)
          Loaner Rental Shuttle Pick-up / deliver
    _____ Tech needs to ride with customer noted (when required)
          Noise Intermittent Comeback Drivability
    _____ Previous recommendations noted
    _____ Scheduled maintenance due researched and noted
    _____ Technician assigned (when known)
    _____ Bay assigned (when known)
    _____ Customer special notes reviewed
    _____ Vehicle special notes reviewed
    Notes: _____________________________________________


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